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About Us

Zane Seals is MIS Manager at Standard Machine in St. Louis. He keeps the computers running for the plant there, as well as our computer here. He helped Tora tremendously in learning about computers; they are both to thank for this site. Zane also assists in every building and construction project we have here.

Eva Seals works at the farm, conducting most of our business. Eva has had animals all her life, from guinea pigs, dogs, and goats in 4-H as a kid, to everything she has now. Eva attended Oklahoma State University for pre-veterinary classes. She is also a 16 year 4-H leader and has led projects such as Dog Care, Rabbit, Bucket Calf, Self-Determined, and others.

Zachary Seals "Zach" is attenting Linn State Technical College majoring in smal diesel engines. He is working part time for  Orscheln Farm and Home in Washington while in school. He has also been employed as a truck drive for Hayes Food Service in Warrenton, farm hand at an alpaca farm in Warrenton. Zach enjoys all of his animals, especially Janie (his Border Collie), turkeys, ducks and others. When Zach was in 4-H,  he was an accomplished horseman and won numerous speed events with his buckskin Appaloosa mare, Jetta.

Tora Seals is a third-year vet student at the University of Missouri-Columbia College of Veterinary Medicine.  She plans on practicing food animal medicine, preferably with an emphasis on small ruminants and camelids. She recently graduated from 4-H after 11 years and still enjoys showing her animals in open classes at the local fairs. She trains and competes with her dogs when she needs a break from studying. Tora  qualified for the Warren Co. 4-H Senior Livestock Judging Team for her last five years of 4-H and placed 10th overall individual at the 2008 Missouri State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest. Tora also enjoys working with computers and designed this site.

Teri Seals works for Purina Farms in Grey Summit at the Visitor's Center as a tour guide.  She is in her 11th year as a home school student. She is also a 10th year 4-Her and enjoys showing her rabbits, dogs, poultry, and goats. Teri is training her dogs, Raven and Sadie, and raising Holland Lop, French Lop, and Netherland Dwarf rabbits. Teri has competed in the Livestock Judging competitions and has shown many animals for her. Teri loves to groom animals as well, especially dogs. She is becoming quite the showwoman and has received championship trophies for sheep, dog, and goat showmanship. Teri has many exotic pets and hopes to pursue a career in zoological park management.

When contacting us, you will most likely speak to Eva or Tora. All business will be finalized through Eva.