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Around the Farm

    We lived on our two-acre farm in Wright City, MO for 25 years. We loved the pretty valley and the wonderful creek that flowed through the property, but we simply outgrew the small acreage and our little house. In 2009, we set out to find a new home. We decided to search for 20+ acres with a three bedroom home within 60 miles of Zane's work. Armed with a rather tight budget and our good friend, Diana Kelewae, we began our quest. We found what we thought was our dream home and placed a contract on it. Unfortunately, the entire deal was a nightmare from start to finish, and in the end, we did not purchase the property. Devastated and discouraged, we decided to put a hold on our house shopping until 2010.

    Out of the blue, Diana sent us a listing in mid-August 2009. The property was just a couple miles farther away than we wanted, but we went "just to take a look." We immediately fell in love with the place, and by September 24th, 2009, we were the proud owners of 25 acres and a large three bedroom ranch with a loft office.

   ~*~*Coming Soon-- a "virtual tour" of the farm!!*~*~

In addition to the animals we raise, we have many "pets". These members of our family stay around for "no reason," but we just love them to pieces. On a visit to our farm, you may meet any of these animals.