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Our small Dorper herd is the progeny of our two original Dorpers, Amos and Dorothy. We have retained ewe lambs from this cross and bred them back to Amos to produce a tighter-bred flock. We are looking to outcross with a new ram in the summer of 2013.

Low-maintenance sheep remains the focus of our flock. We seek to have sheep who produce lambs without assistance, need little hoof care, no deworming, and live only on pasture and browse. We also appreciate a short lambing cycle and longevitiy of our ewes. Dorothy's most recent lambing came just six months after her previous lambs, and those lambs were six months after the lamb before that. This was over her ninth year.


Southwind's Famous Amos Moses

    "Amos" is a 92% ADSBS registered Dorper ram.  He was born February ninth, 2005. He was bred by Southwind Dorpers of Knob Noster, MO. He is heavily muscled and has a great, easy-to-work-with temperament.

Schipper's Dorothy

    "Dorothy" is a 7/8 Dorper ewe born November 22, 2003.  She was our first sheep, given to us as  a bottle lamb by Maurice Schipper of Montgomery City, MO. Dorothy shows true Dorper characteristics when she sheds in the summer. She retains the cape over her shoulders and back, which was used to protect against flies.


Eriphos Farm Stella

"Stella" is an 89.75% Dorper ewe lamb born February 12, 2011. She is out of Dorothy and Amos. Stella can be registered as 46% Dorper with the ADSBS. She is very striking and stout. Stella was exhibited at the 2011 Crawford Co. Fair, and the judge had nothing but good things to say about her!

~*~* We occasionally have butcher lambs and cull ewes available for sale. *~*~

~*~* Contact us for more information, or visit our facebook page to see what we have available.*~*~



We were blessed with an older Charolais X Angus cow/ calf pair as a home warming gift this fall of 2009! Thank you to Laurel Grench of Brighton, IL! We also occasionally take in rejected, "frozen," or problem calves, as well as purchasing a bucket calf or two for a fun project. These calves are disbudded, vaccinated, dewormed, and banded (if bull calves) before sale.



"Millie" is a aged Charolais X Angus cow. She is very docile and broke to milk, as well as being a great mother, making her perfect for our small farm!

Little White Dove

    "Dove" is our Charolais cross heifer. She is out of Millie and a Charolais X Simmental bull. Dove was born August fourth, 2011 and was shown at local fairs in 2012.


~*~* We are excited to announce the purchase of our Dexter/Angus bull, Kramer. We expect our first set of calves in 2014*~*~

Holstein Feeder Calves

   We often have Holstein feeder calves for sale. These are calves we purchase straight from a dairy at 1-3 days old and raise on a mix of goats' milk and replacer. The calves are banded, disbudded, vaccinated, and dewormed (if needed). They are available at three months old.


~*~*No feeder calves available at this time*~*~